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Software Development

We do software development in a variety of languages, including Linux and C for embedded systems, open-source modules such as JQuery and Sencha's ExtJS framework for web development, and Moderm Perl with DBIx::Class interfaces for databases using mySQL and SQL Server

Collection Customer Subscription Services
Customer subscription services have been implemented in our software projects to ensure that subscriptions can be sold to end-users.
Collection Real-Time Data Analysis
Real-time data analysis systems can process information that changes quickly, to ensure that your system reflects the world as it currently is, not how it was 20 minutes ago.
Collection Encyclopedic Information Systems
Some situations require a computer system that keeps track of large amounts of loosely related information. Micro Technology has experience in creating information systems that keep track of all the information that is important to you.
Collection Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
ERP Systems are made with the end-goal of increasing the efficiency in the workplace and quality of the items produced.