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Embedded Design

From the embedded design of basic 8-bit controller design to highly integrated FPGA's with embedded processors, our designs cover the entire spectrum of needs. Projects have ranged from small scale prototyping to large scale multi-faceted jobs requiring sophisticated planning, engineering design, complex printed circuit board layout and manufacturing production. MTSI is your design and manufacturing partner, committed to your success.

Custom Medical Solutions

MTSI has designed and developed varied medical products from very sophisticated brain neuron monitoring systems to accurate electronic gauges measuring the amount of liquid oxygen in a reservoir.

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Video and Image Processing Design

MTSI has developed dozens of very high speed video and image processing designs for over a decade. Many different sources and projection outputs have been supported. Below are a few examples.

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Remote Monitoring and Control

MTSI has generated hundreds of Remote Monitoring and Control Systems over several decades. Below are several examples. (See another section for Web-Based systems.)

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Web-Based Monitor and Control

For decades MTSI has been producing Remote Monitor and Control systems but lately has developed web-based systems allowing user monitor and control (including sophisticated alarm detection, logging and messaging) via a web-browser located on any computer in the world.

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Sub-Meter Energy Saving GREEN Solutions

MTSI has been developing custom designed energy saving systems for many years.

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NetBurner Embedded Ethernet Solutions

MTSI is a full service NetBurner design firm. We provide embedded hardware, software, PCB layout, and assembly solutions.

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