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Micro Technology ServicesYour Design and Manufacturing Partner

Your Design and Manufacturing Partner

Micro Technology Services, Inc. is an engineering service company dedicated to our customer’s success.

ic Embedded Design

Our embedded designs have covered the entire spectrum from the electronic embedded design of 8-bit controllers to highly integrated FPGAs utilizing Altera’s Nios II processor implemented with embedded C and VHDL software.  Designs have ranged from small scale prototyping to large scale web-based projects requiring high level electronic system design, engineering hardware design, engineering software design, fabrication and electronic assembly, system test and production of products.  MTSI is committed to your success. [more Embedded Design]

puzzle Software Development

Software development with MTSI is a customer-driven experience. Customer needs are accounted for in all steps of the software development process, ensuring that all the software fulfills the requirements of the customer and exceeds expectations. [more Software Development]

box Manufacturing Services

Start to finish design including material procurement and management, PCB assembly, functional testing, system integration, dock-to-stock distribution, repair/warranty service and end-of-life support. [more Manufacturing Services]

oscope Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering of complex multi-layer cards is accomplished with our computerized reverse engineer net list generator and scanning process.  MTSI will create schematics, new layouts, artwork, and improvements to old, obsolete designs.  New chips can be substituted and new features added.  This includes fine-pitch, double sided and multilayer PCB’s. [more Reverse Engineering]

isa PCB Layout

Micro Technology has over 20 years experience laying out PCB’s.  There are no limits on routes and layers, or complex design rules.  MTSI has designed boards that included 22 layers, mixed RF/Analog and Digital designs.  Projects have also included military-qualified metal core conduction cooled cards rated to 400 G’s, 9 DSPs on a PCI card and 8 DSP’s on a VME card. [more PCB Layout]

ic PCB Repair

Micro Technology Services can troubleshoot and repair your industrial printed circuit boards. [more PCB Repair]