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Custom Medical Solutions

MTSI has designed and developed varied medical products from very sophisticated brain neuron monitoring systems to accurate electronic gauges measuring the amount of liquid oxygen in a reservoir.

Automated Spike Sorting System

Spikes2MTSI has developed a fourth generation monitoring system which analyzes neuron firing within the brain. The latest system can monitor 128 simultaneous channels per PCI card. The system consists of 128 channels where a low-noise pre-amplifier switch array can direct each signal to a particular channel. Each channel consists of a pre-amplifier with adjustable gain, analog and programmable digital filtering and a 24 bit A/D converter. The board uses nine DSPs and five FPGAs for signal processing and control. To our knowledge, this is the most versatile and most highly integrated system of its kind.Similar systems have been written up in Scientific American describing how a live monkey can think and the neuron firings generated in the brain are monitored by the system. A computer is then programmed to move a robotic arm in response to particular neuron firings in the same way a natural arm moves with response to the same neuron firings. Within a few minutes, using the robotic arm, the monkey learned to feed himself by simply thinking.The system can also be configured for either 128 D/A outputs or 64 A/D inputs and 64 D/A outputs. A serialize/de-serialize board set has also been developed to reduce the number of required system input wires.

Liquid Oxygen Tank Gauge

Received FDA 510(k) product approval.

loxstatMTSI designed a gauge for the Puritan Bennett Companion 21/31/41 Liquid Oxygen family of Reservoirs which will digitally display the liquid oxygen content remaining in the tank.

LoxStat_DisplayThe standard mechanical gauge (supplied with the reservoir) is a spring mounted to a piston located between the high pressure side and the low pressure side of the tank. Resolution is very coarse (¼ of a full tank graduations).