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Micro Technology Services, Inc. (MTSI) is pleased to announce a new product, the MTSI Communicator. The MTSI Communicator allows pre-recorded audio messages to be activated and broadcast out over customers’ existing radio systems, existing PA system or drive an external 10-watt speaker. The MTSI Communicator has 24 input channels that are activated by output relays from other equipment, such as Duress alarms, Infant Abduction systems, Gunshot Detection Systems, door alarms, etc. When the input is activated, a pre-recorded audio message associated with the input is broadcast. When the input is deactivated an optional different message can be sent. Example – When a monitored door that is in an alarm state “The East door is Opened” will be broadcast and when it is in the normal state (Closed), it can send a different message such as “The East door is Closed”.


24 – input channels, programmable Normally Open or Normally Closed
24 – channels of message storage – 30 seconds record time for NO &NC per input
  7 – Programmable 8 Amp relay outputs
  1 – Disarm input – releases relays and stop the all messages being played
  1 – Disarm Radio input – message being played
  1 – Disarm PA input – message being played
  1 – Aux input – Use TBD
  1 – Configurable Alarm Lockout time, to minimize radio traffic
  1 – Configurable Input Alarm Delay
  1 – Configurable Input Debounce time
  1 – Audio output to interface to customers’ existing PA system, Line level
  1 – Audio output, 10-watt for external speaker (not Included)
  1 – Audible Loss of power alarm through external 10 watt speaker
  1 – 12VDC, 500 mA constant output for powering wireless receivers or other equipment with relay outputs

Radio Kits
The Communicator supports 1 or 2 radios. A Radio Installation Kit is required for each radio. Sold Separately

Supported Languages
Record audio messages recorded in ANY language through the built-in microphone

Lockable with padlock, Metal wall-mounted Enclosure, 20” wide x 12” high x 6.25” deep, weight approximately 22 Lbs.

Input Voltage: 110-220 VAC, – Back up battery circuit and space in enclosure for 12v, 12Ah Battery. (Battery NOT included)

LCD display, 7-way button and LED Indicator provides configuration of the MTSI Communicator.

Audio Message Recording:
Built-in microphone and speaker allows recording and playback of the audio message recordings in ANY language by the installer.

Radio Interface
The End User must supply one hand held radio programmed to the channel they want the messages broadcast on. The dealer will need to send the radio, antenna, radio battery and the completed form to MTSI’s factory in Richardson, TX for integration of the radio. The returned radio will be installed and connected to the MTSI Communicator.

Inputs and Outputs
Connections to the Communicator will use pluggable terminal blocks located in the enclosure.

For additional information contact:
Kevin Petty, Vice President
972-231-6874 x331